Women's Classic Romance 

REturn From Heartland

Lingerie and cupcakes have Becca Lane living the sweet life in New York City—until the call that sends her home.

Heartland Cove may sound endearing, but it’s a small town, in the middle of going-nowhere that Becca couldn’t wait to leave behind. She arrives to find mother acting strange, the family business in peril, and the town in dire straits. What to save first? Worst of all, Jebson Jefferies, Becca’s former fiancé, a man she could happily live without ever seeing again, has been elected mayor and is threatening, not only the future of Heartland, but Becca’s family legacy—and all she stands to inherit.

Not that she ever wanted to. It’s ... complicated.
Trent Nash is a former football star— a displaced Aussie with a big secret. He’s escaped to small-town Heartland Cove to start a new life—determined to remain incognito. But just when he thought he’d pulled it off, a sassy redhead walks through his door of his struggling restaurant…and right into his heart.

Becca; however, has no interest in him. She’s too busy trying saving the day. Until she realizes, she can’t win the crusade without the help of the beautiful, bronzed stranger she’s grown to hate. Maybe deep down, what really needs saving has less to do with Heartland, and more to do with Becca’s heart.

coming July 2017

Escape From Heartland

New Releases

Jules Bates is a fish-out-of-water in conservative, small town, Heartland Cove. A modern girl with modern dreams that have so far taken her all the way to father’s bait shop at the end of town. There, she spends her days, elbow-deep in worm dirt. She can’t remember the last time she’s been on a date, or dressed in anything but a lumberjack shirt and hip waders. Her life seems to be at a stalemate. It’s like her best friend said, “The perfect guy isn’t just gonna walk in here and sweep you off your feet, you know?”

Or is he?

Jayden Sievert is on a mission, to solve the mystery of his life. But first he needs to track down a ghost. One in particular. The legend of Heartland Cove. Arriving in the small town, with his ghostbuster wannabe equipment in hand, he purchases the Caldwell place, much to the horror of the townsfolk—a stately Georgian Manor overlooking the sea, with a less than pleasant past. No one’s been brave enough to set foot in that place for over a decade.

Is this man mad? Or perhaps just a little crazy?

Jayden ignores them all. He knows the key to his success lies in his ability to minimize distractions, but then he meets Jules. Could she be the answer to the long-buried secret that Jayden’s spent a lifetime searching for? 

coming July 2017

the Heart Menders Society


Maizie Mosely has been lost since her mother died. Who are we trying to kid, Maizie's been lost a lot longer than that. Scattered, but highly creative, organization is not her forte. Neither is punctuality. Or dating. Or managing her own life. Her dream: To best selling romance novelist of all time. But that's not exactly going to plan. With the family trust near liquidated, Maizie is forced to accept a part time job at a local community facility, where Maizie finds herself in charge of a group of young (under 30) grieving widowers. Her mission: To help repair their lives, and get them to living again.  How can she do that when she's never known how repair her own?  

coming Summer 2018