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Maizie Mosely has been lost since her mother died. Who are we trying to kid, Maizie's been lost a lot longer than that. Scattered, but highly creative, organization is not her forte. Neither is punctuality. Or dating. Or managing her own life. Her dream: To best selling romance novelist of all time. But that's not exactly going to plan. With the family trust near liquidated, Maizie is forced to accept a part time job at a local community facility, where Maizie finds herself in charge of a group of young (under 30) grieving widowers. Her mission: To help repair their lives, and get them to living again.  How can she do that when she's never known how repair her own?  


Fantastic Mother Daughter Book Club Read

It all started when Brooklyn turned thirteen. That's when her mother started acting like a bitch. A varicose vein popping, fun-plundering, dictator.  And she just doesn't understand it.

Speaking of not understanding. Lydia could swear it was Brooklyn who turned thirteen and started acting like a bitch. An eye-rolling, back-talking, easily irritated, even by her breath, emotionally supercharged drama queen.

But don't worry, they'll come to a consensus. If they don't kill each other first. 

coming 2016