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I’m The Golden Apple!

Every once in a while you get to be the golden apple in the box. Well, right now, I’m the golden apple.

I would like to formerly express my gratitude to the ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL and INSOMNIAC PRESS for awarding me a 2019 writer’s grant. I am thrilled to have been chosen as a recipient for my new WIP, a near-future sci-fi that eerily mirrors today’s political climatic fears. I only hope through completing the manuscript, and sharing it, it can help most positively inform the future, by encouraging young minds to take action for their future. I’m currently sweeping over the final pass and then…who knows.

Wish me luck!

Again, heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the council and the press for making my writing possible.

Wowing Up The Website

Wowing Up The Website

I've spent the last four days developing and redesigning my websites. That's right, two. One from scratch, and total revamping the other. Why?