How to Speed-Write the Next Blockbuster eBook

Looking for ways to improve your plotting? What if I told you I could help you learn to plot in the fraction of the time it takes you now? What if I told you I could also help you learn how to plot-- not just any novel-- but a blockbuster novel? What if I could do all this AND help you learn to write a novel in less than a month? Invest in this little piece of publishing how-to real estate and I'll help you do just that. Learn the Tick-Tock Plot story development technique (which helped me create an award-winning debut) and I guarantee it will change your writing life.


Tick-Tock Edits

10 Quick and Easy Tips To Strengthen Any Manuscript

Dreading the editing process? 
Want to learn how to become a better self-editor, but you don’t know where to start? Seeking to learn how to edit your own writing more confidently and more efficiently, with less stress and drama? How about improving the quality of your manuscript tenfold, just by applying these ten simple tips. That’s right, inside this little eBook is an editing pot of gold. Okay, well…maybe not gold, but it is certainly very helpful. 
Introducing, ten easy to implement— even easier to understand—basic editing fix-its, guaranteed to strengthen any manuscript. 
That’s right, any manuscript. No matter the genre. 
Tick-Tock Edits has you covered.
Learn how to recognize ten common editing faux pas, and how to successfully correct them. Save time and money by becoming a better self-editor, while injecting strength and clarity into your manuscripts. 

Did I mention I teach courses?

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Developing Unforgettable Character With Ease

I have a theory. Every character a writer ever needs can be found within the pages of THE WIZARD OF OZ. That's right... THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Ever wonder why certain characters stick in your head long after you've finished reading the book, while others are completely forgettable, second you turn the last page? Want to be able to create those kinds of memorable, ever-lasting, unforgettable characters? 

Well, I just might have a trick for you, . Within the pages of the ebook you will find my own special formula for creating characters- a time-saving, frustration-avoiding tactic that has helps me develop stronger, more memorable and authentic characters. Ones that speak to the heart of readers .

So, if you've been struggling with character creation this just might be what you've been looking for. I mean, who doesn’t want  to create characters that leave long-lasting impressions, like those found inside the Wizard of Oz?