How to Speed-Write the Next Blockbuster eBook

Looking for ways to improve your plotting? What if I told you I could help you learn to plot in the fraction of the time it takes you now? What if I told you I could also help you learn how to plot-- not just any novel-- but a blockbuster novel? What if I could do all this AND help you learn to write a novel in less than a month? Invest in this little piece of publishing how-to real estate and I'll help you do just that. Learn the Tick-Tock Plot story development technique (which helped me create an award-winning debut) and I guarantee it will change your writing life.


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The Ticking Plot

How To Ramp Up the Tension Page After Page

A sequel to Tick-Tock Plot, The Ticking Plot takes a more in-depth look at the principals found in book one. Designed with the advanced author in mind, The Ticking Plot explores the concepts to a deeper degree, and how to use plotting to ramp up the tension, page after page.

Character OZ-Ation

Developing Unforgettable Character With Ease


Tick-Tock Edits

10 Quick and Easy Tips To Strengthen Any Manuscript

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Ever wonder why some books just hit it? How they land on the bestsellers' list and seem to stick there forever? Chances are it has to do with unforgettable characters. In this book I show you how to ensure you've created a well-rounded cast of loveable, unforgettable characters, using what I call...my own special magical Character OZ-Ation Model..