If only series

Teen Contemporary Romance Thriller

If Only I had...
By Jacqueline Garlick

Have you ever wanted to take back a moment? 
Kyla Cooper is a girl with secrets. Telepathic secrets. Visions that have plagued her since she was three years old. Lately, they've been getting more intense, more visceral. Despite Kyla's efforts to dismiss them. Could they be the key to what happens next? 

Denver Munro is the love of Kyla Cooper’s life, her soul mate, her confidant— her best friend. That is until Aubrey Martin, every boy's dirty fantasy and the spoiled daughter of a powerhouse attorney, decides to move in on her man. Things heat up when Aubrey makes her intentions known at a party, and feeling the pressure, Kyla decides to give in to temptation, afraid that if she doesn’t deliver, Aubrey will make Denver an offer he can’t refuse. 

But is Denver that shallow? Is that all he wants? Is the bond between Kyla and Denver really that fragile? A wild barn party. A disturbing sensation. A foolish prank. A crash. One bad decision leads to another until Kyla must give in to her long-suppressed telepathic gift in order to reach Denver in time.

If Only he hadn't...
By Jacqueline Garlick

With Denver’s fate hanging in the balance, Kyla Cooper doesn’t believe things can get any worse. That is, until Aubrey Martin comes forward with a shocking revelation that pegs Kyla as the reason for Denver's near death experience. Still reeling from Aubrey’s accusation, Kyla must return to school where she is confronted by whispers of criticism and haunted by the aching feeling that Denver is present—an unworldly, lingering ghost-like feeling she can't for her life explain. Ostracized by friends and gossiped about by others, Kyla refuses to crumble under the pressure. Instead she embarks on a fact-finding mission determined to solve the mystery of what truly happened to Denver that near-fatal evening, exposing Aubrey’s lie—even if she must embrace her long-denied telepathic gift in order to do it. If Only Kyla could talk to Denver.
If Only there was some way she could reach him. 

Perhaps there is… 

If Only She Hadn't...
By Jacqueline Garlick

Aubrey Martin seems to have a deck of tricks up her sleeve. There seems to be no end to her mischief. Her main goal it appears, is creating a living hell on earth for poor Kyla, as she tries to stay focused on Denver and her mission to find a way to connect with him again. The closer Kyla gets to success, the more nervous Aubrey grows. 


What's Aubrey done? 

What's she about to do?